Day 5: Phantasialand Theme Park


It was our final day yesterday and we spent it at Phantasialand theme park. We set off early with very little hope that we would stay dry with a forecast of rain. The sun decided to shine for us though and the only time we did get a good soaking was on the log flume ride. We experienced the lightening speed of Taron, the fastest rollercoaster in Europe at 72mph. 

Churros, chicken nuggets and chocolate were all consumed in between rides and we managed to keep them all down surprisingly. 

Some of us had beautiful decorative flowers painted on our faces.

It was Natasha’s first time at a theme park and she embraced it fully going on every ride including the Tower of terror with Mr Lewis and Miss O’halloran who left their stomachs on that one! We had a fantastic last day and made memories that will last a lifetime.

In the evening whilst the warm weather was still with us we took a final stroll down to the love lock bridge for one last double scoop of eis!

 Thank you Cologne, until next time.


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